A video image is simultaneously an archive of past moments and a plastic object eager to be reshaped. I pull at the pixels to make them become something new.

In my video work, the documentary aspect of the image is never entirely lost; however lustrous and detailed the surface, the core of the image remains faces, bodies, hands.  The excitement comes from taking that core and lacquering it with many layers of interactive process, a thousand movements of color and shape swimming over the surface.

I’m especially interesting in using music and sound to drive visuals.  In my past life as a film editor, I cut many music videos and band bios, and I love the electric charge created when sound and image wrap around each other.  Much of my video work aims for synesthesia, either by visually expressing sound, or by creating silent visuals with musical values.

I’ve been VJ’ing since Burning Man 2006.  In that time, I’ve VJ’ed for many nightlife events, and created live interactive projections for bands, theater, and dance performance.  A few of my favorite performances were creating live visuals at Nunu’s jazz club in Frankfurt, Germany; projecting with DJ Joro Boro at the Floating Cities party; and designing a collaboration between live dancers and video at the opening of the Alexandrinsky Multimedia Center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Azerbaijan A/V Club is my ongoing musical project a collaboration between myself and three musicians to create live audio-visual spectacle, informed by jazz, EDM, and silent cinema. Most recently, I’ve begun exploring video artworks, designed to live on the wall like paintings.

I work mostly with VDMX, the incredible visual-manipulation software designed by Vidvox and at the heart of many major visual performances, including concerts by The National and Moby, and Dubspot’s new Visual Performance Program. I’m always up for working with new DJ’s, performance spaces, galleries, and bands.  I also offer private lessons in VJ’ing, video installation, and performance with VDMX and Resolute.